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Mark Elliott is the Founder and Senior Instructor graded 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate with The Shotokan of England Karate Union.

Mark started his martial arts and combat sports career in the early 70’s firstly at Boxing and then Judo, until he found a home in Shotokan Karate in 1979 at the Newport Shotokan Karate Club based then at Carisbrooke High School. At that time the club was affiliated to the KUGB, and Mark was graded upto Purple belt grade 5th Kyu by Sensei’s Eneoda and Tomita.

In 1982 the club became a founder member of SEKU (Shotokan of England Karate Union) this became a pivotal point in Marks Karate future, due to being exposed to regular training with some of the top instructors in the South of England.

Mark then started travelling to Portsmouth regularly to train with Mick Dewey, Chief Instructor and Chairman of SEKU.

At this time Mark became more than a little interested in the competition side of Karate, and has been fortunate to represent not only SEKU but also the England squad in international competition, highest achievement 2nd place at the Commonwealth Karate Championships – Guernsey 1985.

Through his enthusiasm with competition Mark attended Ticky Donovans week long summer course at Clacton on Sea and has only missed one course since 1983 (due to the birth of Lauren in 1993).

At this course Mark met John Richards Zenshin Karate Association based in Birmingham, and invited him to teach on the Isle of Wight in 1985, that relationship and friendship has continued with him and Mark invited John to celebrate the 25th Anniversary with a training weekend. John was also best man to Mark at his wedding to Lisa.

During this time Mark was also introduced to the instruction of Dave Hazard 7th Dan ASK, whom over the years has not only been a great mentor but also a good friend and regular teaches at the club Dojo.

After retiring from competition Mark was keen to further develop his knowledge of martial arts outside of Shotokan Karate and through Mick Dewey was fortunate to start training in Goju Ryu with Sensei Higaonna and the IOGKA, from this led Mark to his long term association with Sensei George Andrews

George has been a regular visitor to the Isle of Wight since 1989 to run courses at the Dojo.

Through George, Mark has been fortunate to accompany him and Sensei Higaonna to Iceland for training and was invited to the World Gasshaku training in Okinawa in 2004  Mark stayed for 1 month travelling and training in Japan.

In 1989 Mark also formed an association with Bob Breen JKD, and Mixed Martial Arts and started training in JKD, escrima, and other fillipino martial arts, to which he has maintained with Bob and other JKD instructors and incorporates many of the principles learned into his own teaching.

Mark would like to thank all those Sensei above for their support, guidance, friendship and sometimes pain!!!!!!!!! and also the following instructors, colleagues and friends over the last 25 years for their support and guidance there are many others sorry if you’ve been missed but I would need another page.

Aidan Trimble
Terry O’Neil
Simon Budden
Linda Marchant
Mike Lambert
Malcolm Bradley
Terry Barnett
Jason Boh
Mervyn O’Donnell
Brian Smith
Les Deacon

All the SEKU instructors and Squad – Past and Present


Mark Elliott